Nutritional Quality Differential, Growth and Economics Efficiency of Some Selected Commercial Floating Fish Feeds in Saki West Oyo State Nigeria

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M. A. Adedokun
Z. O. Oluwafemi
A. O. Ayanboye
G. Oladipupo


Nothing is more important than quality nutrition and adequate feeding of fish in captivity. Undernourished fish in terms of nutrient deficiency, cannot maintain its health for proportionate growth regardless the intense of feeding and quality of the environment.

A 49 day-feeding trial was carried out to investigate nutritional quality differential, growth and economics efficiency of some sampled commercially extruded floating feeds, based on frequency of usage among fish farmers in the study area. The sample feeds were sourced from respective distributors covering the zone of study. The feeds were designated as Fd1, Fd2, Fd3, Fd4, Fd5 and Fd6(control), with 3 replicates for each treatment. The examined growth performance, feed utilization and economic efficiency of feeds followed particular trend pattern and significantly different (p<0.05) across the sampled feeds (FW, MWG, SGR, TPI, PER and FCR). Finally, the control diet was least consumed, sustained positive allometry growth pattern  and concomitant marginal profits; than feed 1 and 2 which had sharp drops in the growth pattern of fish after four( 4) weeks.

Allometry growth, economic efficiency, fish farming, feed utilization, differential, nutrition.

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Adedokun, M. A., Oluwafemi, Z. O., Ayanboye, A. O., & Oladipupo, G. (2019). Nutritional Quality Differential, Growth and Economics Efficiency of Some Selected Commercial Floating Fish Feeds in Saki West Oyo State Nigeria. Asian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research, 4(1), 1-8.
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