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Current Issue

2023 - Volume 25 [Issue 5]

Original Research Article

Changes in Fish Flakes Prepared from Pangas (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) Mince during Storage

Fatema Hoque Shikha , Md. Ismail Hossain , Naima Tasnim Shiropa , Muhammad Mehedi Hasan , Mst. Prianka Jahan , Nafis Tasneem Binti

Analysis of Consumer Satisfaction Level of Ornamental Fish in Jatinegara Ornamental Fish Market

Asep Agus Handaka Suryana , Arkan Naufal Rasyiq , Yuli Andriani , Ine Maulina

Toxicity Evaluation of Dual Fungicide SAAF (Carbendazim 12% and Mancozeb 63%) through Physiological Markers in Oreochromis mossambicus

Akankshya Baliarsingh , Ankita Mohanty , Smrutimayee Sahoo, Suraj Kumar Chhatoi, Kishan Kumar Sharma , Neelanjana Choudhury

Orange Peel Waste Improved the Growth Performance, Feed Utilization, Oxidative Stress, and Hematological Parameters of Labeo rohita

Tuba Latif Virk, Arifa Mehreen, Majeeda Rasheed, Ghazala Naheed, Kumbukani Mzengereza, Mohammed F. El Basuini, Tehreem Rehman, Akram Ismael Shehata

Assessment of Sexual Maturity and Spawning Biology of Channa punctata (Bloch, 1793): Conservation and Reproduction

Md. Rabiul Awal, Md. Ashikur Rahman, Maliha Khanoma, Md. Saiful Islam, Anuradha Bhadra, Yahia Mahmud

Effect of the Type of Pituitary Extracts and Dose of Synthetic Hormones HCG and Ovaprim on Some Reproductive Characteristics of the Endogenous Catfish of Cameroon Clarias jaensis (Boulenger, 1909) in a Controlled Environment

Paul Zango, Claudine Tekounegning Tiogue, Paulin Nyadjeu, Augustave Kenfack, Sidoine Gaelle Ngounou Tseuwo , Stephane Kamanke Kamanke, Arnaud Bolivard Tiendeu Kameni , Minette Eyango Tomedi , Joseph Tchoumboue

Commonly Practiced Induced Breeding Techniques of Carp Species in Three Important Fish Hatcheries of Kurigram District, Bangladesh

Md. Hedayetul islam , Sadia Afrin Kamal , Kazi Md. Navid Islam, Kazi Towsif Ahmed, Ireen Parvin

Evaluation of Moisture Content and Sensory Properties of Colored and Non-Colored Fish (Silver Carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) Noodles during Storage

Fatema Hoque Shikha , Mst. Prianka Jahan , Md. Ismail Hossain , Samsun Nahar Shema, Muhammad Mehedi Hasan, NafisTasneem Binti