Fishing Vessel Characteristics with Multipurpose Gear to Support Fishing Operations in the Northern Sea of Java, Indonesia (Case Study in Indramayu)

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Izza M. Apriliani
Lantun P. Dewanti
Alexander M. A. Khan
Heti Herawati
Achmad Rizal
Nadia M. Kusnadi


This study aims to analyze the ratio of the main dimensions of the vessel to see the performance of vessels with multipurpose gear. The research was conducted in February-March 2018 at the Karangsong Fish Landing Base (Ind: PPI), Indramayu. The object of research is the vessel used for fishing operations with multipurpose gear. The research method uses survey methods through the measurement of the main dimensions of fishing vessels, interviews and literature studies. The data obtained were then analyzed by comparative descriptive to compare the value of the ratio of the main dimensions of the vessel between Length and Breadth (L/B), the ratio between Length and Depth (L/D) and the ratio between Breadth and Depth (B/D). The calculation results of the ratio of the main dimensions of the vessel are then compared with the standard ratio values in Indonesia. Fishing vessels with multipurpose gear in Indramayu have good vessel motion characteristics but have an impact on slow speed, strong elongation strength of the vessel, and stability and ability to drive a good vessel. The dimension ratio of multipurpose gear vessels generally meets the criteria of the ratio of the main dimensions of vessels based on the method of operation in Indonesia. It should be noted that the L / B ratio tends to exceed the minimum standard criteria for the Indonesian dimension ratio, this results in slow speeds and will interfere with the setting and hauling fishing gear on seine boat and mini trawl fishing gear.

Fisheries, fishing vessel, Indramayu, Java Sea, main dimension, ratio.

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Apriliani, I. M., Dewanti, L. P., Khan, A. M. A., Herawati, H., Rizal, A., & Kusnadi, N. M. (2020). Fishing Vessel Characteristics with Multipurpose Gear to Support Fishing Operations in the Northern Sea of Java, Indonesia (Case Study in Indramayu). Asian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research, 6(1), 1-8.
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