Policy Influence Citarum Harum against Aquaculturist on Floating Cage in Saguling Reservoir, West Bandung District

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Fadilah Ahmad
Achmad Rizal
Lantun P. Dewanti
Asep Agus Handaka


This research aims to analyze the policy about Citarum Harum and analyze social economy condition fisheries resource from freshwater on floating cage Saguling Reservoir, West Bandung District. This research was conducted in Saguling Reservoir, West Bandung District, starting in August until November 2019. The method of data collection was carried out by survey methods, the technique of taking respondents using a purposive sampling technique. This research data consists of two types of data, namely primary data and secondary data. Analysis of the data used in this research includes the Likert Scale and business analysis. The result of the analysis policy influence use Likert Scale has an average index value at 8562%. This average index means the influence of policy citarum harum is considered very well by related stakeholders. Analysis of social-economic conditions The aquaculturist has good economic potential. Seen from the result of income and business analysis on each cultivator showing value Rp.17.125.000/3month and RCR value as big as 1,922.

Citarum Harum, floating cage, saguling reservoir, social economy conditions.

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Ahmad, F., Rizal, A., Dewanti, L. P., & Handaka, A. A. (2020). Policy Influence Citarum Harum against Aquaculturist on Floating Cage in Saguling Reservoir, West Bandung District. Asian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research, 6(2), 10-17. https://doi.org/10.9734/ajfar/2020/v6i230092
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