Analysis of Supply Chain Management of Lobster (Panulirus spp.) In Pangandaran (Case Study of PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product)

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Alfath Dhary
Atikah Nurhayati
. Junianto
Iwang Gumilar


This study aims to analyze supply chain management of lobster in Pangandaran especially PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product. The research method is a case study with the case unit at PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product while information would be collected through primary and secondary data in the field. The sampling method in this research used snowball sampling. The research was conducted from August 2020 - September at TPI Pangandaran and PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product. The criteria used to select respondents in this study as follow; 4 fishermen, 3 distributors, 2 employees of PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product and 1 retailer. And the data would be analyzed to get the supply chain condition of lobster. The results showed that there were 6 marketing channels in the supply chain of lobster in Pangadaran case study of PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product. The availability of lobster products has a value of 0.5 which means was not easily replaced and needed. Late payment and distribution of lobster have a value of 1.0 which means irreplaceable and important. The third and fourth chain marketing margins are below 50%, which means efficient for all members of the chain. The fifth chain has 46.55% and it’s inefficient Fisherman's share. The largest market share value was 46.40% on the fifth channel. Supply chain of lobster in Pangandaran has 6 marketing channels which third and fourth are the most efficient for all members, and the second is most profitable for PT ASI.

Marketing channel, PT ASI pudjiastuti marine product, risk consequences, supply chain management, TPI pangandaran

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Dhary, A., Nurhayati, A., Junianto, ., & Gumilar, I. (2021). Analysis of Supply Chain Management of Lobster (Panulirus spp.) In Pangandaran (Case Study of PT. ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product). Asian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research, 11(3), 9-19.
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