Dr. Vijai Krishna Das

I had been teaching Zoology to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from year 1974 to 2010 at Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical & Social Sciences, Sultanpur (UP) India.

I did my Ph.D. from Gorakhpur University in 1974 on “Studies on Calcitonin Cells and Ultimobranchial Body of Certain Vertebrates”. I continued working on endocrine control of calcium regulation in vertebrate groups and published my work in International journals of high repute. We have also published 5 reviews in international journals.  

I have guided several research projects and produced several Ph.D. and M.Phil. scholars, besides my teaching assignment. I have also worked in the field of Toxicology, which included pesticide (Dimethoate, Cypermethrin, Aldrin, propaxor) toxicity studies on fish ( Heteropneustes fossilis, Cyprinus carpio ), bivalve (Lamellidens marginalis) and crab (Barytelphusa guerini).

I have also worked at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth with Prof Bal Ram Singh (Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry) on Botulinum neurotoxin induced changes in Quahog (Hard Calm – Bivalve).